Concrete Treatment

Although concrete is one of the most durable man-made building materials, it is inherently porous, with many air pockets. The material will deteriorate over time unless a penetrating reactive sealer is applied to turn it into a usable and resistant floor finish.
Silicate-based sealers, including lithium silicates, sodium silicates, and fluorosilicates, have been used to improve the durability of concrete for decades, reducing porosity and increasing density to result in a surface that resists penetration of liquids, including oil and many chemicals.

Silicate and siliconate blend densifies and seals in one step

Provides a low sheen lustre that enhances the appearance of the concrete surface.

Reduces porosity and increases density of the concrete surface

Resists penetration of liquids, including oil and many chemicals.

Minimizes tyre marks and enables them to be easily removed, will not blush, peel, flake or wear away.



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