Architects must consider a number of critical operating factors when planning an airport site to ensure that it can safely handle thousands of people each day while simultaneously maintaining a pleasant, clean, and well-organized atmosphere. In order to ensure that the airport’s daily activities are properly supported, as well as that passengers are provided with a high quality of service, a floor finish must be chosen carefully. Screeds and finishes that fail will not only negatively impact passenger satisfaction, but could also put the airport at risk of serious safety and health issues. Floors of public-facing areas, including airport check-in and baggage claim, must complement the interior design scheme in order to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Surfaces made of seamless resin terrazzo, epoxy, or methyl methacrylate (MMA) can provide an attractive aesthetic while handling heavy traffic with ease. A vast network of hangars, food concessions, transport services, multi-story car parks, maintenance buildings, and more are hidden from the public eye. Each of these areas requires a floor designed for its specific needs, whether it’s ultra-hygienic surfaces for food preparation areas, chemical-resistant surfaces, or floors able to withstand heavy point loads generated by heavy machines and vehicles.

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