The floor area of manufacturing and warehousing facilities is subjected to a long list of punishing challenges every day – including physical impacts, point loads, forklift traffic, corrosive chemicals, to name a few. The flooring must remain level, seamless, impervious to moisture, slip-resistant, striking, and functional despite all this abuse. Pakistan Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., an authorized Flowcrete application company in Pakistan, is especially well-suited to facilities requiring high-quality resin flooring systems that are strong and durable. Epoxy and polyurethane floor coatings provide several advantages over traditional tile or slab finishes, as they eliminate cracks and crevices where contaminants can accumulate. The use of color and bright signage in factories and warehouses is important, as it not only helps to create a pleasant work environment for employees but can also assist in ensuring their safety. Marked walkways, clearly marked hazards, and color-coded zones to effectively avoid cross-contamination are just a few ways that colorful floors can help make facilities safer. All of these characteristics are required for wet processing areas, but for safety’s sake, the flooring should also increase traction underfoot. As the seamless nature of the systems allows excess water and contaminants to be removed more rapidly, the floors can be textured to increase slip resistance.

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