Antistatic Flooring

Pakistan Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. provides a line of antistatic flooring products that are demonstrated to prevent harmful electrical charges from destroying sensitive components, by safely transferring the charges to the ground when they build up. We offer electrostatic dissipative (ESD) products that are specifically designed for applications in cleanrooms or environments handling gases, solvents, and even explosives. It is particularly prevalent in the electronic manufacturing industry and chemical processing sector. Our ESD Floor Systems provide a seamless alternative to tile or vinyl finishes – having self-smoothing, chemical resistance, and easy to clean properties, as well as the ability to withstand rigorous cleaning regimes. To meet the facility’s specific resistance requirements, both conductive and static-dissipative flooring systems are available. It is possible to design flooring materials with static-dissipative and conductive properties to meet the requirements of a specific resistance application.

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