Hygienic Polyurethane Flooring

Pakistan Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., as an authorized Flowcrete applicator in Pakistan, offers the most hygiene-conscious flooring products available. Offering the strength, durability, and resilience traditionally associated with a polyurethane resin, Pakistan Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. with the ability to combine performance with natural cleaning power, Ltd. delivers a surface product that promotes the concept of hygienic, decontaminated, and clean floors all the time. With the use of a silver-ion-based antimicrobial treatment, 99.9% of all bacteria landing on the surface of the floor can be killed. The HACCP International Certification means that food and beverage producers operating a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) based food safety program can specify flooring materials, safe in the knowledge that they will meet the relevant regulatory authority’s standards for safe procurement, production, and processing as well as the requirements of the world’s leading quality and food safety standards.

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