Electronic equipment can be seriously damaged by electrostatic discharge (ESD) – destroying circuit boards, disrupting component connections, and generally putting the device’s life at risk. Especially in environments containing flammable materials, static electricity can pose even a risk of ignition. Since sensitive electronic components are fragile and expensive, they must be manufactured and assembled in an electrostatic protected area (EPA) to ensure low scrap rates, limit failures, and meet customer expectations. It is easy for electrostatic discharge to occur on the floor, as walking across it can cause ESD. The best way to ensure your electronics facility is charged for fighting electrostatic activity at ground level is by selecting a resin floor finish designed to provide optimal static control at the floor level. Electrostatic discharge hazards can be prevented by using static dissipative flooring in conjunction with suitable footwear. In order to choose an antistatic solution, you need to consider how much static may be generated as well as the sensitivity of the equipment on-site. Additionally, high-performance flooring systems are available that provide superior chemical resistance and an anti-slip profile to fulfill the unique needs associated with the electro-manufacturing industry.

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