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In leisure and hotel facilities, the floor area is an excellent interior design asset, because it’s a vast area on which you can make a bold statement with bright colors and on-brand imagery. Resin flooring materials are a creative and flexible flooring solution for any establishment, whether it’s a hotel, spa, restaurant, nightclub, museum, or theme park. Besides having an almost infinite color palette, you can include sparkling aggregates in the finished product. Despite traffic from large groups of people, food and drink spillages, frequent washing, and even potential damage from stiletto heels, the flooring in these venues needs to be maintained in an impressive aesthetic. Each area of a leisure facility will also face different flooring challenges and Pakistan Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., as an authorized Flowcrete applicator in Pakistan, offers a wide range of products and solutions to meet a variety of needs – from resin terrazzo for public areas, to resin bonded gravel for outdoor walkways, and specialist coatings for car parks. Those facilities that wish to minimize downtime or speed up their construction schedule can use the product’s methyl methacrylate enhanced coatings to complete their flooring project faster. They can be fully cured in as little as two hours – much faster than alternative floors, which take days or even weeks to dry. Leisure venues can enjoy a long-lasting floor appearance without worrying about blemishes or damage as resin solutions are durable and easy to maintain.

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