Manufacturing & Warehousing

In manufacturing and warehouse facilities, the floor area is subjected to a long list of challenging conditions on a daily basis, including physical impacts, point loadings from heavy equipment and pallets, forklift traffic, and corrosive industrial chemicals. The flooring must remain level, seamless, impervious to moisture, slip-resistant, striking, and functional despite all this abuse. Pakistan Construction Chemicals Pvt. Limited as an authorized Flowcrete applicator in Pakistan, we offer high-strength resin flooring systems that are ideally suited for locations that require maximum strength and durability. Moreover, epoxy and polyurethane floor coatings eliminate the possibility of contaminants settling in cracks and crevices, as they are seamless and self-smoothing. The use of color and bright signage in factories and warehouses is important, as it not only helps to create a pleasant work environment for employees but can also assist in ensuring their safety. Installation of colorful floors can improve a facility’s safety by marking out pathways, clearly delineating hazard areas, and preventing cross-contamination with color-coded zones. To reduce the risk of slips and trips, wet processing areas require all of the above characteristics in their flooring, but the surface must also actively enhance traction underfoot. Textured floors increase slip resistance while seamless systems help to quickly remove excess water and contaminants before they cause a problem.

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