Chemical Processing

Chemical and solvent-intensive plants must be protected against structural and environmental damage caused by aggressive chemicals and solvents on the site with flooring systems that are designed to withstand harsh substances. There is a particular concern in chemical processing facilities, where chemicals must be stored in safe and reliable areas, and tank linings must keep the floor safe and reliable. Pakistan Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. for being the official distributor and applicator of Flowcrete products in Pakistan, offering a range of vinyl ester resin linings and coatings that create a seamless and impervious shield against the most corrosive industrial substances. The range includes fast-curing options to reduce downtime, as well as antistatic grades to contend with static electricity discharges. Polyester resin reinforced with epoxy resin has a superior ability to protect against highly concentrated acids, alkalis, and solvents, such as nitric, sulphuric, and hydrochloric acids, and ethanol, butane, and methanol. This type of flooring is resistant to mechanical and thermal shock, offers excellent bond strength along with reduced shrinkage, and offers a long lifespan.

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