The healthcare industry uses rigorous cleanliness standards, global research and development programs, and specialized medicines to stay one step ahead of infection-causing viruses and diseases. Floors are a prime concern for medical facilities since contaminants can easily move underfoot and gravity ensures that most dirt, grime, and bacteria will end up on them. For sites wishing to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness, ensuring the flooring finish is important. For floors to be suitable for such environments, they must be seamless, smooth, and impervious so that they make cleaning faster and easier. Floors must maintain these characteristics despite constant use from staff, patients, wheeled equipment, spillage of liquids and other potentially harmful substances, frequent cleaning, and physical impact. It will become difficult to clean the floor if it fails, and germs could accumulate within unwanted cracks. Pakistan Construction Chemicals Pvt. LTD. is the authorized applicator in Pakistan of Flowcrete flooring systems, offering a wide variety of finishes within healthcare facilities where an impressive range of activity is supported, whether it is within hospital ward rooms, surgeries, pharmacies, reception areas, laboratories, or back of house areas. Our products include durable yet decorative epoxy finishes, fast curing systems that cut application time in half, and robust polyurethanes. Added benefits include anti-slip aggregates, navigational signage, and colored aggregates that improve aesthetics. There are floors available to the sector that actively target bacteria between cleaning cycles. This formulation meets the ISO 22196 standard for measuring a surface’s antibacterial effectiveness.

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