Most car workshops and garages conjure up an image of a dirty, grimy, and greasy environment, cluttered with mechanical detritus and posing a variety of health and safety hazards. It is the floor that is most often affected by the oils, greases, and chemicals found in the automotive sector, which can affect cleanliness, safety, and appearance. The chemicals in automotive fluids can cause serious damage to unprotected concrete or any coating resistant to corrosion, as they will eat away at the finish and weaken it. For the site to remain unblemished and hygienic, it is imperative to have a bright, seamless, impervious, and chemical-resistant surface. Besides being aesthetically unpleasant, these contaminants can also create a slip hazard. A textured, anti-slip finish is needed in areas prone to slippery conditions to reduce the risk of accidents. Moreover, the floor area is bound to be attacked by physical impacts (such as dropped tools), heavy loads (from cars and equipment), and foot traffic. Pakistan Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. has developed a line of resin coatings that are highly suitable to the needs of automotive markets due to their non-slip, grease-proof, extraordinarily robust, and chemical-resistant properties. Many of Pakistan’s most prestigious car manufacturers, sellers, and repairers have worked with Pakistan Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. to design floor plans that incorporate texture, bright colors, and signage to enhance traction underfoot, create navigational walkways, and highlight hazardous areas. The appearance of the floor can aid in reducing safety hazards and improving the effectiveness of the work environment.

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