Arenas and stadiums are some of the most prestigious landmarks on earth – vast, iconic structures built using the latest architectural technologies to showcase the pinnacle of sport, music, and entertainment. Since huge amounts of attention, pride, and money are invested into such projects, every aspect of the site has to perform to the highest standards, especially since the world’s eyes will be fixed on it for important televised events! Therefore, it is important to carefully choose the flooring within each zone so that it can present a clean and aesthetically pleasing appearance for the long term despite heavy foot traffic, spillages of food and drink, physical impacts, frequent cleaning, and more. Pakistan Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., as an authorized Flowcrete applicator in Pakistan offering Isocrete Floor Screeds that deliver the sub-floor strength and levels needed to support high-traffic environments. With these overlays, internal walkways, concourses, and grand spectator areas combine strength and durability with a stylish finish that is durable, slip-resistant, and highly durable. The site has several zones – outside of the main public-facing areas – where the presence and functionality of specialist floors can be enhanced. This includes seamless resin terrazzo floors for VIP rooms, antimicrobial systems for kitchen/catering areas, robust polyurethane deck coatings for the car park, seamless gravel stone carpets for external areas, and robust industrial strength coatings for the back of house areas.

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