Aerospace covers all aspects of sub-orbital and space flight, including cutting-edge aircraft and aeronautical vehicles that need to be protected at all costs. Most of the time, these vehicles are parked within hangars that look like massive boxes on the outside, but with complex activities inside that involve heavy equipment, expensive assets, fire hazards, and corrosive agents, all tucked under walkways, tanks, and other complex structures. Aerospace flooring is particularly vulnerable to chemical corrosion, which can corrode finishes that are not sufficiently robust. A flooring system constructed by Pakistan Construction Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd. is designed specifically to withstand Skydrol, preventing potentially irreparable damage and creating a slip-resistant surface at the same time. In addition to hangars, the aerospace sector encompasses a wide range of different facilities, including assembly lines, paint shops, maintenance buildings, offices, and warehouses – all of which require floors that are tailored to the conditions of that particular area. In addition to offering a variety of industrial flooring solutions, Pakistan Construction Chemicals (Pvt.) Ltd. offers thermal shock-resistant, chemically-resistant, and strong solutions that maintain high performance in an aerospace environment. If the floor is not designed for the purpose, it can lead to a variety of problems, since high-tech aviation and aeronautical vehicles must be maintained in a clean, efficient environment. Otherwise, the site operator is vulnerable to breakages, failures, and safety issues.

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