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The first thing a person sees when exploring a building is typically a multi-story car park, which means the location will be in the forefront of their minds even before they enter the building. In spite of this, maintaining a clean, functional, and appealing car park floor can be challenging, as among other challenges the finish will be subject to automotive oils, heavy vehicles driving in tight circles, and exposure to environmental factors. Pakistan Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. has developed the Deckshield range of chemical resistant, crack bridging polyurethane deck coatings, which can be used across exposed decks, internal decks, ramps, walkways, and loading bays. There is a wide range of colors to choose from when purchasing Deckshield. In addition to creating good-looking and attractive car park interiors, these color options enable easy-to-read navigational signs, pedestrian pathways, and safety warnings to be incorporated into the finish. In order to improve the experience of parking in a car park, Deckshield systems can reduce unpleasant noise from tire squeal. In addition, the texture of this range improves the safety of pedestrians in the car park, as it reduces the risk of slips and falls. Pakistan Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. can also supply a heavy-duty screed, anti-carbonation paint, and rubber accessories (including the wheel stops, speed bumps, and wall guards) as part of an overall Car Park Protection Suite that is all covered under a single source guarantee.

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